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Foreigner Legal Saver in Taiwan

Are you worried about no qualified legal professional(s) to take care of your legal case(s)?

Have you ever paid to a big law firm with huge legal charge, but only got poor service?

We successfully saved foreigner(s) from Jail in Taiwan who were finally allowed to fly back to their own countries only paid some fines after accussed for serious crime.

Pls refer to news link

Still under trial:

There is really a good attorney in Taiwan.   Here we are!  We are the attorneys who really care about your human rights and your legal rights.  We offers really helpful and efficient legal assistance.  We believe you will satisfy our service if you decide to use it.

If you need a senior and helpful legal counsel, not only expensive and big attorney, that's us, your best choice!

In addition to criminal law, our expertise is also deeply invovled in startup company, enterprise management, M&A, DD, transaction, IPO, Board Secretary, Fund Raising, Compliance, Risk Management, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, Copyright, License, FD A( EUA, Class 1 & 2 ) , RA, Labor Law, and etc.

We fully understood that each person/enterprise/company/institution is expecting to get sufficient and instant support from a legal and experienced professional. 

We may provide customized and professional legal support based on the needs of yourself or your esteemed company .

We have experiences from a couple of international law firms (such as Tsai & Tsai, McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enerson, LL.P., Prosperity Law Offices) and international companies (such as GE and Citibank) and have provided services for international clients ( such as GM, GE, Microsoft, BSA and etc.)

In addition to professional commercial legal service, the Firm also provides with pro bona legal service for governmental agencies and non-profitable institutions ( such as MOE, Taipei District Court & etc.) to assist individuals and enterprise with small and middle scale in legal consulting and litigation.

Our firm has couple acknowledged cases, such as disputes of SOGO, Notes Linked to a Basket of  Exchange Stock [ 2 interviews with Next Magazine ], Vehicle accident, Labor, Tax, Foreign Adoption, and etc. Please refer to our Case List and/or Client Reference for your further consideration.

You are very welcome to contact our Firm for further legal assistance.

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