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South African teacher was dissatisfied with cuckolding, strangled his wife, attempted murder and changed it to injury

South African teacher is dissatisfied with the cuckold who strangled his wife, attempted murder and changed the injury to injury | Legal Frontline | Society_11100000-0000-0000-000 0 -000000000111_| United News Network


2022-12-10 11:29 United Daily News/ Reporter Lin Baoguang/Real-time reporting

After his wife didn't come home all night, a South African man, Garrett, asked her whereabouts the next day. She confessed that she had a one-night stand with a colleague. He was unwilling to cuckold him and strangled his wife with a transmission line in a rage. He was sued for attempted murder in Kaohsiung. Because he had no intention to kill, the local court changed the sentence to six months in prison for the crime of injury, and he could be fined, but he would be deported after execution.  

It is understood that Garrett, a 31-year-old South African man, and his wife came to Taiwan for more than a year to make a living by teaching foreign languages. During the Spring Festival holiday on the evening of February 4, the couple went to a bar to drink with friends. He left the bar and returned home first. He went back to the bar to look for his wife, but she had disappeared. The next morning, when his wife returned to her residence in Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, he questioned her about her whereabouts. She confessed to him that she had a one-night stand with his colleague at a hotel. . The verdict pointed out that Garrett became so angry that he slapped his wife and choked her with a belt. She was suffocated and passed out until she regained consciousness. He then whipped her with a belt, cut off her hair, told her to go to the toilet, and used a transmission line to He tightened his grip on his wife, who begged for mercy, and he regained his senses and stopped. The wife hid in her room and locked the door, climbed out of the balcony and asked for help from the administrator on the first floor. The Kaohsiung City Police Gushan Branch received the report and arrested Garrett and brought him to justice. The Kaohsiung District Prosecutor's Office charged him with attempted murder. Garrett said he didn't want to kill his wife, he just wanted to teach her a lesson. The wife also pleaded with the judge, saying that when she was strangled, her husband did not use all his strength to kill her.  The judge believed that it was impossible to determine that Garrett had the intention to kill based on the injury to his neck. At most, he could only prove intentional harm, so he changed the charge of injury and sentenced Garrett to 6 months. Imprisonment may be subject to a fine, and deportation may occur upon completion of execution or pardon. The entire case is subject to appeal.


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